Highway To Swell Motel

Highway to Swell Motel is a family-run hostel in Baleal, Peniche, Portugal. Things are simple here – as life should be in general. We kind of built this place for ourselves.

Highway to Swell Motel, the most charming accommodation in Peniche and Baleal, offers two double or twin and two 3 bed rooms, as well as a big terrace with “sun deck”, palm trees, flowers, table tennis table and yoga room. Our rooms are tiny but sweet. We refused to spend loads of money on expensive “vintage shabby chic” furniture – we repair old stuff and build new beds, chairs, tables and shelves out of driftwood and things we find at the beach. In our kitchen all cups, plates, forks and knives do not fit together. The bedclothes are from the 60s and have strange patterns. This is how we like it. And we feel happy if you like it too.

Many people come to our Hostel in Peniche for surfing. Some already surf for years, some are improving and others are learning it here. Most of them go mountainboarding, skateboarding or snowboarding at home. There are even people who go roller skating or horse riding but what we all have in common is the desire to gather in a place, with people who love to be in the water. No matter how good or bad we surf.

You’re still reading, unbelievably, in a nutshell:
As you already know we are not a classic hostel, we don’t have a reception and no 24/7 service but the following attractions: skateboards, bikes, Wi-Fi, washing machine, yoga room and mats, kitchen for self-catering, outdoor shower, 1A table tennis table.

On request, we also organize surfboards, wetsuits and surf classes or surf training.

From 105 € per week but also bookable on a daily basis!
No party hostel, average age is +30 years.


“ Highway To Swell Motel. I love your name !! ” (Joel Parkinson)


“ Staying at Highway To Swell Motel means no shoes,
no stress and living the days as if time was switched off. ” (tom, 31)